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Department of Physics

The Physics Department of Kanchrapara College was established in 1976. It was then opened only for the Higher Secondary Course. B.Sc. General Course in Physics was introduced in 1986, and B.Sc. Honours in Physics in 2001. The Department has three laboratory rooms in its vicinity, with two separate laboratories for General and Honours practical experiments, and a common Dark Room allocated for Optics related practical experiments present in both Honours and General curriculum. A separate classroom attached with the laboratory for teaching purpose is also provided to the department.

At this moment the department runs under the guidance of three Full-time Teachers and five State Aided College Teachers. The department is well equipped with the experimental setups, computers and internet services. Smart classrooms and ICT are also available, these facilities being common to all departments of the College. The motto of our department is to provide a better learning experience to the students, as well as making them aware of the various opportunities they can get in the future after completion of their course. We try to keep a student friendly environment by imparting freedom to each students to contact their professors regarding any doubt they have with the College hours.

Our view is that, the College life should remain any integral part of the life history of the students, and this can be achieve not only by imparting education but also by giving students enough freedom so that they could socially interact we there classmates and students of other departments by participating in various departmental, and college seminars, exhibitions and other cultural activities occurring within the college premises.