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Department of Economics

The study of Economics as a subject helps people to understand the world around them. It enables people to critically analyze how individuals, businesses, governments and societies at large make decisions and allocate scarce resources to achieve various important goals and eventually augment their well-being. It not only provides the knowledge that helps people to make rational decisions in their everyday life and to identify inherent irrational tendencies of human behavior but also enhances problem-solving skills. Further, the study of Economics enables us to critically analyze pressing issues like poverty, inequality, unemployment, inflation, climate change, societal injustice and etc. It imparts the capability to contribute towards designing necessary policy measures to address these problems and equips us with the tools and techniques to critically appreciate various government policies. Above all, the knowledge of Economics plays a pivotal role in creating well-informed citizens to ensure and accelerate progressive socio-economic and political changes.

The Department of Economics has set sail since Kanchrapara College was instated in 1972. The course of Economics Honours was introduced in 1998. Since then the well-qualified and empathetic teachers of the department have been committed to the highest level of academic excellence, first class pastoral care and the maintenance of a broad and balanced liberal education for all our pupils. Besides adhering to the regular teaching learning mode of the curriculum set by University of Kalyani (and also the UGC), the department also tries to offer its students a holistic approach towards education that develops an intelligent and critical awareness of the world, strong communication skills and confident ability to think independently and with originality.

The students of this department after the completion of the graduation programme go on to higher studies in Economics in different reputed institutions. They have successfully professed in various examinations (including Civil Service, UGC-NET, SET) and have also proved their efficiency in the job market.